First Choice

  First Choice


King size (198×203)        $648

Queen Size (152×203)     $545

Full Size (140×190)          $460

Twin Size (100×190)        $308

( 80 x 200 )                 $284      

(90 x 200 )                  $312

Product Details

First Choice Memory Foam Pillow Top

the perfect choice for those who prefer a fully orthopedic and spring system supported mattress. You´ll get a healthy and comfortable sleep with a First Choice Mattress which is made of fully conforming memory foam as well as bonel spring system. The NASA developed technology of Memory foam helps to distribute the weight of the body evenly throughout the mattress.

Your body will have a peaceful and healthy sleep with the added support of springs.

Mattress thickness is 33 cm.

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Mattresses are available in different sizes.

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