Dublin Bars #2025 Bar Counter

Urban Chic Collection
The Urban Chic allows your imagination to create your living space. There are over 45 different finishes to choose from with hundreds of color combinations possible including 4 styles of design and 320 different pieces of furniture to apply the finish of your choice.

The Urban Chic Collection is made from 100% solid pine and many of the pieces have the option of a solid Oak top or Zinc covered top.

The freedom for you to create using quality materials for an affordable price is unique and rare which means Chic Collection is uniquely rare and one of a kind!

Product Description

The Dublin Bar Collection

To full-fill everyman’s dream to own a bar.
It is a well documented fact to negotiate a Bar into the house requires hours of discussion and arguing points.
The Dublin Bar Collection gives you those arguing points you need!!!
A Bar Counter that could double as a Kitchen Island
The smaller size Bar would fit great in the living room.
Buying the Bar in one of the 20 lighter colors it will open up the room.

As you start to gain ground in the negotiation; go for the Large U-shaped Bar, Black Distressed with Burgundy interior  that matches the Poker Table.

Bar Counter #2025  Pictured in Single Paint Wine Red Finish

Size:  140 cm long  x 68 cm deep x 95  high cm
Pricing in Single Paint finish Wooden Counter  as shown $ 525 or $22.35 per month*
Pricing in Single Paint finish as shown with a Zinc Counter Top $583
Pricing in Single Paint finish as shown with a Oak Bar Counter Top $699
*Amount based on 36 payments including 16% interest

Customize the Look and Finish of your Dublin Bar
Prices start from $456 for a wooden top single Wax finish to $ 789 for a Multi Layered Finish and a Oak Counter Top.

Order your Bar Stools From $58
See Item #262 / #218 / #364 for Great Bar Backs



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