Cora Liftchair

Manor House Collcektion

Signature features of the Manor House Sofa Collection; Plush cushions ,some goose down filled ,recliners that swivel and rock ,micro fiber fabric ,bonded leather ,real leather all durable and forgiving materials making Sunday Football nothing but family fun.
Each set of furniture in the Manor House Collection has the task to make your house inviting to family and friends providing relaxation and comfort.
A touch of modern flair but rooted in traditional design makes these pieces timeless.Created is furniture you will be proud to own and never tire of.
Manor House truly a Collection to make your house a home.

Please also see Manor House Bedroom and Entertainment Collection

Product Description

Cora Liftchair

Material:                           Fabric 
Colors Available:           Baugy

Item Description

USD Price

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Measurement in cm

Length x Height x Depth

Reclining Chair $418  


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