Multi Childs Room Bunk Bed

Manor House
All of the furniture in the Manor House Collection is designed to make your home inviting to your family and friends, providing relaxation and comfort. A touch of modern flair, but rooted in traditional design makes these pieces timeless. This piece of furniture was made to make you proud of owning these beautiful pieces and never getting tired of them. This furniture is designed to invite the whole family to come home and feel really at home here.

Product Description

Multi Bedroom Set –

Bunk Bed 

regular Price $652 

our offer Price  $599

Bunkbed Set: Bunkbed, Nigntstand, Chest and 2 Matresses

(Basic Mattresses -quality adult Matresses, bonel spring)

regular Price $ 1284

Our Price $ 1183 or $40.96 or month*



Multi Bedroom Set 

Queen Size Bed, Dresser, Mirror and one Nightstand

regular Price $ 1148

our Price  $ 1033 or $37,91 per month*

item Description Price   $ 

size Description in cm   

B x T x H

Queen Size Bed 503 164,8 x 205,9 x 147,3
King Size Bed 713 204,5 x 205,9 x 147,3
Full Size Bed 484 148,8 x 205,9 x 147,3
Nightstand  142 60,7 x 40 x 63,5
chest  5 Drawers 270 90,5 x 44,5 x 132,1
6  Drawers  419 153,8 x 44,5 x 99,1
Mirror 84 110 x 98


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