Pewter – Craft Guild Symbols

Wall Plate Diameter : 10 Inch

Product Description

Pewter was used in the Ancient World by the Egyptians and later by the Romans and came into extensive use in Europe during the Medieval Period up to the 15th century. Before the mass production of Ceramics, Pewter was used as all forms of tableware including forks and Beer Steins. Decorative and functional items such as candle holders  and lamps were also made of Pewter. The composition of Pewter is 95% Tin, 2% Copper, and 6% Antimony.

Choose from our extensive selection of European Pewter for a great European treasure to take home. Pewter would make a unique and historical gift to send to the U.S.A!

Decorate our Urban Country, Urban Chic or the Rustica Collection with European Pewter and Copper pieces.


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