Pockets Storage Bedroom Set

Manor House Collection Bedroom A highlight of value and design can be found in the Manor House Bedroom Set Collection. Look closely at each of our bedrooms, each one has different features; z. B. steam-bent drawers, Rounded edges, ribbed frames, every detail adds to the lifestyle you want to create. Every piece of furniture in the Manor House collection has the task of making your house inviting for family and friends, to provide relaxation and comfort. A touch of modern flair, but rooted in traditional design, makes these pieces timeless. These are pieces of furniture that you will be proud of and never tire of. Manor House really a collection to turn your home into a home.

Product Description

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KS Bed, Dresser with Mirror and one Nightstand $2120 or 73,41 per month*

QS Bed, Dresser with Mirror and one Nightstand $1790 or $61,99 per month*

*Payment based on 36 payments including 16% interest.

  Individual Price
Pockets King Size Bed $1536
Pockets Queen Size Bed $1150
Pockets Mirror $127
Pockets Dresser $611
Pockets Nightstand $199
Pockets Chest of Drawers $399

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