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KS= King Size           QS=Queen Size             FS=Full Size               TS=Twin Size                                                       

Urban Chic Delivery times now at a average of 4 – 6 weeks

Rustica Delivery times now at a averafe of 4 – 6 weeks

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 Ritz Bed KS & QS  Kalifonia KS in stock in 2 Weeks

Basic ()

Basic Twin        in Stock

Basic Full                        mid June

Basic Queen      in Stock

Basic King         in Stock

Basic 160 x 200    in Stock

Bruce living room set ,cocoa plus dark brown with and without Sofa bed)

3seat, 2 seat und Recliner

Wedge out

cocoa 3,2 in stock


Empire  Dining room in stock (all pieces available)
 Chip & Dale QS&KS (all pieces available)

Base / Boxspring

75 x 200 in Stock

80×200     special Order

90×200    special Order

Twin  in Stock

Full                           mid June

160×200 special Order

Queen                      mid June






Johnny Sectional  (White available, Brown&Black 

                             end june




Toscana in Stock
 Dallas QS only (all pieces available)

 No Stress 

Full in Stock 

Queen                         mid June

King                            mid June

160 x 200    in Stock

end Empire wall unit (Floormodels only  10% discount)

Special offers

520 Table and chairs in stock
 Tudor QS & KS (all pieces available)  

 5 Zone Mattress 

Queen                  mid June

King                     mid June

160 x 200   spezial Order

180 x 200   spezial Order     


Bonbon (available in 3 colors )

in stock

 Indus in Stock  
 Candy KS & QS fresh in Stock  

Universal Boxspring

King                  mid June

Queen               mid June 

Twin                 mid June

Full                   mid June

Elizabeth(Only red available)    
 Pockets KS&QS (all pieces available)  


Queen              in Stock

King               mid June

  2 Tone Recliner    
 Veronica QS & KS (all pieces available)  

 First Choise Pillow Top

Queen   in Stock 

King     in Stock  

 Olivia KS and Queen  (pockets matching pieces)  

 Comfort Memory Visoclex

Queen   in Stock 

King                   mid June      

 Memory Comfort Glasgow ( 3+2+ottoman, single chair available as floor model)    

  Dublin King & Twin  availble


 Memory  Energy 2 

Queen               end June

King                    end June



black  manual         in Stock

black = manuel      In Stock 

brown = electic      In stock

Edinburgh  in Stock    


   Roll top desk      
Mid Town (160×200)(Beds Available)      Country line desk carved back chair      
 Rochelle (160x 200)(Beds available)       Country line desk peacock office chair      

  Rose King & Queen

(nightstand + tv plasma)

Roslyn (160×200)(Beds available)              
Terrytown (160×200)(Beds Available)              
 Empire KS&QS (all pieces available)              



Victoria KS&QS new in stocj 1. week June              
Edinburgh Bedroom Set Queen Size              



Indus in Stock   end August