custom Program

 Check out the Urban Chic Collection and let your creativity free.

      Be your own Designer!

 This special program offers high quality solid wood products which allows you to choose from over 100 different color combinations.

    You can also choose distressed and antique finishes as well as different color combination on the Item itself for example a different color of drawers from the corpus and so on.               Check out this program and let your creativity free.

Urban Chic Collection

Our urban chic collection allows you to let your imagination play in your home. There are more than 45 different designs available with hundreds of color combinations, including 4 design designs and 320 different pieces of furniture whose surface you can design.

You choose the surface color and we deliver according to your request.

The Urban Chic collection is made from 100% solid pine wood and many of the pieces have a choice of a solid oak top or an Zinktop.

The freedom for you to create with quality materials for an affordable price is unique and rare, meaning Chic Collection is uniquely rare and unique!