traditionel Bedroom

Traditional Bedroom 

Cross Bedroom 


Our Bedroom set Cross is a great wooden bedroom. Its special feature is the design of the headboard. The bedroom has drawers with many drawers, even at the foot of the bed there are two drawers.


The set consists of dresser with mirror,  1 nightstand and bed.


King Size     Bed room set      $1399 or $48,45 per month*

Queen Size  Bed room set      $1299 or $44,98 per month*

Montreal Bedroom


Montreal bedroom, the bed is reminiscent of a large sleigh by the curved head and foot sections. The bedroom was made of wood.

It is a nice bedroom where you feel comfortable.


The Bedroom Set package includes: King Size sleigh bed + dresser + mirror + 1 nightstand


King Size Bedroom Package Deal     $995 or $34,46 per month*

Fleur de Liz Bedroom


This bedroom is a beautiful bedroom made of curved wood and leather.

Here you can see the curves and distortions of the furniture.


Bedroom set consists: Bed + dresser + mirror +1 nightstand 

King Size Bed room set    $3399 or $117,71 per month*

Queen Size Bed room set  $2999 or $103,86 per month*

Dallas Bedroom 

A coastal bed set Dallas.

Historic lighthouse design was an original for the appearance of the bedposts.

The Art Deco design can be seen above all in the mirror, as well as in the head and foot sections of the bed.

The Dark Dallas finish contrasts and highlights the contours of the bedroom set in a fresh white bedroom. Enjoy the clean and refreshing lines of the Dallas bed set.

Queen Size Bedroom Set  $1792 or 62,06 per month*

     Floormodel  Mainz-Kastel / Landstuhl 

Olivia Bedroom


Olivia A bedroom with charm and clarity. It was made of wood and leather.

By the leather on the bed at the head and foot we turn it into a special bed.


King Size Bett    $1695 or $58,70 per month*

Queen Size Bett  $1499 or 51,91 per month*



Multy Bedroom


The design of the Multy collection is inspired by the coastline with the appearance of shutters. To protect from the sun, the sea and the storms.


The set consists of  Full Size Bed + Dresser, Mirror, 1 nightstand + 1 Chest 

 Full Size Bedroom Set  $1399 or $48,45 per month


                    Floor Model Mainz Kastel

Pocket Bedroom


Pocket is a bedroom with plenty of storage space. It has unusually many drawers also around the bed.

It is made of wood and has a straightforward shape.


The set consists of dresser, mirror, 1 nightstand an Bed. 


King Size   Bedroom Set    $2102 or  $72,79 per month*



Victoria Bedroom

                                                Special Package Price

Here we have a very elegant bedroom with a beautifully designed bed back, this pattern is repeated in the mirror. It looks fresh and romantic.


Special Package Deal: Queen Size Bed + 2 nightstands + 1Chest  reg. Price $2099 -10% now $1899



Ritz Bedroom


The Veronica Bedroom Set's design is inspired by the Art Deco period of the 1920's.

Unique drawer handles the drawers set the retro tone set accents. Rounding out the look was the steam-curved drawer fronts. They add a modern tick. Ritz Bed is a modern Microfiber bed and is available in Beige, gray and blue.

The model Veronica bedroom stands for a person who enjoys great elegance, but with a clear message.


King Size Bedroom Set     $1876  or $64,97 per month*

Queen Size Bedroom Set   $1795  or $62,16 per month*

Candy Bed


The Candy design is inspired by the Traditional and popular Platform sleigh bed design with drawers on each sides and on the footboard. .

The elegant curved back headboard is the center of attention. The large headboard is a canvas for is the rich multilayered finish. 

Queen Size platform Bed *Only $983


                        Floormodel  Landstuhl

Empire Bedroom

The Empire bedroom is made of solid ash and poplar wood complemented by the hand-crafted wood veneer Burr. The solid wood parts tailored for the Empire bedroom add dramatic accents. The bedside table has a lined drawer and two doors. The doors open to a flat interior with a shelf. So many details in combination with this strong design give you the pride of ownership and are a true heirloom.

Queen Size Bedroom Set: Queen Size Bed and 2 Nightstands   $1999 or  $69,22 per month*

Chip & Dale

                                                      Special Package Price


Chip & Dale is a very nice bedroom. It impresses with its leather in the back from the bed and the curved foot part. The furniture is made of wood.


Queen Size Bed, Dresser and Mirror  $2609     more than - 30%  $1790  or 61,99 per month*                                


                        Floor Model Landstuhl

Edinburgh Bedroom Set 

Special Package Price

Our style of the Edinburgh bedroom set is influenced by the French design. You can see the power of the bed. A sanctuary that offers security.


Queen Size Bed and 2 Nightstands  reg. Price  $2332    - 15%   now $1982


Tudor Bedroom Set 

                                                       Special Package Price

Sleep like a King and Queen in our classic stunning Bedroom.

Speciaal Package Deal : 

King Size Bed + 2 Nightstands + 1 Chest of drawers  *Now $2110

Pine Mission Bedroom Set



Twin Size Set: Twin Size Bed + dresser + Mirror + 1 Nghtstand   *Now $895


               Floormodel  Mainz-Kastel/Landstuhl