traditionel Dining room

traditionel Dining room

Edingburgh Dining 



520 Table an Chairs Dining Set

The round table Country Line is in a honey oak finish. The charm and richness of the table comes from the hand-crafted oak veneer, which can be seen on the top. The wood was laid so that a sunburst emerges. A solid hardwood base keeps the table very stable, which is especially important when the table top is in use. With the extension sheet you can extend the table so that the table fits up to 6 adults. To protect the natural materials on the table top, use pads or place mats.

Price for 520 table with extension leaf.    Suggested manufacturer retail price $695

                                                                      Our regular asking price $495   DISCOUNT Price $343

Manufacturer Price Our Price DISCOUNT Price

carved back chair                                               $125            $99             $75

carved back chair with upholstery on the seat   $145            $121           $ 93

carved backrests                                                 $145            $121           $99

carved backrests with upholstery on the seat     $165            $145           $121

Super package deal

Round country oak table and 4 carved back chairs. our regular low price is $643     Discount price $495

Toscana Dining Room


Toscana is a dining room reminiscent of the charm of Tuscany. It is a place where people like to meet for food.

Dining Set: Buffet / Hutch, Table with Extension, 4 Chairs and 2 Armchairs 

$2687  or $93,05 per month*

Buffet / Hutch     H 218 cm x D 46 cm x  L 147 cm 

Table                   H 78 cm x L 198 cm x 111 cm 

Table Extension  46cm

New Orleans Dining Room           


                                             Floormodel  Landstuhl 

Versailles Dining Room 


                                            Floormodel Maint Kastel

Empire Dining room set



Dining Table               W 264 cm x L 112 cm x H 78 cm        $1150

Side Chairs                 W  56 cm x D 62 cm x H 111 cm        $385

Arm Chairs                 W  62 cm x D 62 cm x  H 111 cm       $424

Buffet/ Hutch              W150 cm x D 45 cm x H 217 cm       $1520

Buffet Only                 W 150 cm x D 45 cm x  H  86 cm      $912

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