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The Golden Life mattress provides support to the anatomic structure of the body with its special 5-zone spring system.

   Back And Shoulder Support - Lumbar Support - Basin Support - Knee Support - Foot And Wrist Support. 

     Special 5-Zone Sponge Orthopedist Technology Soft-touch Knit Fabric provides Muscle And Skeleton System  support. 

    Even with the elegance of  golden color, rich fabric  on full display  the mattress comfort ,your comfort  is in the foreground.

        5 ZONE POCKET SPRING TECHNOLOGY: It is formed by placing individually produced springs into fabric bags connected to each other. The springs move independently of each other and give an individual response according to the amount of pressure formed on it.

      5 ZONE SPECIAL SPONGE: With its sponge structure, the body is minimized by supporting pressure and pressure from every point. This feature minimizes the request to return while sleeping. Relieving aching muscles


ORTHOPEDIST TECHNOLOGY BED FABRIC: Soft Touch Special Knitted Fabrics Helps Support Our Body Muscle And Skeleton System During Sleep.

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 King size (198×203)       

 Queen Size (152×203)   

Full Size (140×190)        

 Twin Size (100×190)        

 (80 x 200)                       

 (90 x 200 )                        

Cloud Collection

     The core of our cloud mattress collection consists of 7 types of mattresses and our Universal Base.

    A mattress, which should be part of the Cloud Collection, must have a unique function and fulfill certain requirements.

    We have chosen the different mattresses so that the function will fit the purpose, the quality will be right and a choice from a high to a lower price range can be offered.

    Each mattress must have a strong, durable core that is reliable for its use for years to come. The fabric must be well sewn, easy to care for and hard-wearing. Study the features and compare each of our Cloud Collection mattresses. Do not be fooled by our low prices, the mattresses are all high quality. Our prices are a product of years of shopping experience and investment in the purchase of good goods. Invest in a cloud collection product you can count on.


    Invest in a Cloud Collection Product for value and comfort you can rely on.

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