Bari Leder



… leather, leather and again leather. Everything in leather from Motion and Relax over Home Theater to Stationary – Seating in all variations, colors and leather qualities. Are you looking for a leather suite and have not found the right one yet? Then this collection will have a wide range for you. Tailored to the different needs of our customers, we have carefully selected and put together the different sets of this collection. In addition to different styles, especially the seating comfort was tested and adapted to our standards.You choose the cover material and the color for your seating.

Bourbon  – with its curves invites the sofa to a comfortable sitting, right?

Chester – a small muscular sofa. You can also order it in other colors. Ask our sales staff.

Conny – That has something !!!! A royal sofa !!!

Essex – this is also a very interesting sofa.

Gretel – you could not sink into this sofa. It looks very comfortable.

Guido – a chic sofa. ask your salesman who will gladly advise you.

Halton – a sofa with an interesting view. It can also be ordered in a different color. Just ask your seller.

Karl – is a great sofa. There are friends to visit, you can gladly take over with you, because the sofa is the bed.

Karolin – a small cozy sofa to read or rest

Kathleen  – invites you to sit. Ask our sales people, they like to help.

Our Lothar is a beautiful modern and comfortable sofa for the whole family. Everyone will find their place on it. 

Ludwig is a rococo type of seating. But it is in fashion again today. Maybe it would be something for you.

Luise a great sofa. It looks like it comes from the Rococo. It also fits great in a modern space.

It is made of leather and is simply an eye-catcher.

Manchester – is a beautiful sofa corner on the family can spend beautiful television evening. Of course you can choose the color of the leather individually. Contact your salesperson, he will gladly advise you.

Midlands – a beautiful sofa. They determine the color of their sofa. Ask the seller.

Norfolk – they determine the color of their sofa.

Talk to your salesperson at the store, he will be pleased to advise you.