24 CM HEIGHT   720,00


24 CM HEIGHT   599,00


24 CM HEIGHT  489,00


24 CM HEIGHT   444,00

 EURO SIZES AVAILABLE 80X200 90X200 100X200 120X200 160X200 180X200 200X200



      Quilted coverSilver Borfeaux. The thread from which the cover was made is covered with a silver ion finish, which creates an active barrier against the growth of bacteria and fungi, preventing the formation of unpleasant odor. Silver provides a hygienic sleep environment. It has durable antibacterial properties, inhibits the action of microorganisms, which prevents the formation of mold, fungi and odors they cause.

     Latex foam is anti-allergic and is characterized by high durability and point elasticity, it adapts to the shape of the body. Reduces the risk of mites. Thanks to the large number of holes, the mattress is in constant ventilation. Thickness 2 cm

     The thermoelastic foam usedreacts to pressure and body temperature. It perfectly reproduces the shape of the body, allows the spine to take a natural position. Coconut mat is made of natural coconut fiber. It provides better air circulation and hardens the mattress. Thickness 2 cm

     Upholstery felt stiffens the entire structure, increasing the strength of the mattress. Separates the spring insert from the foam.

      7-zone pocketunit (POCKET) This unit consists of springs placed in separate pockets, thanks to which they are independent of each other and flexible in point. In addition, it does not make metallic sounds under the pressure of body weight. The unit is divided into 7-hardness zones. Each of them is properly adapted to a given part of the body.

      Upholstery feltstiffens the entire structure, increasing the strength of the mattress. Separates the spring insert from the foam.

      The 2cm polyurethane foam unit is resistant to deformation. Thanks to its properties, it is anti-allergic and maintains adequate ventilation around the springs. In addition, it surrounds the mattress creating a strong frame.

      Coconut mat 1cmmade of 100% natural coconut fibers. It has antifungal and anti-allergic properties. It wicks moisture well and hardens the mattress. It has a positive effect on healthy sleep.

     Thermoelastic foam 2cm(otherwise known as VISCO, MEMORY or LAZY FOAM). It perfectly adapts to the shape and weight of the body, providing it with proper support and proper blood circulation. Under the influence of body temperature, it increases its elasticity and elasticity. This foam is suitable for people with various spinal diseases.

    With our Collection  of mattresses and we make every effort to ensure that our customer is satisfied with the goods we offer. Products used in the production of mattresses are of the first grade. We do not tolerate products of unknown origin. The mattress on which we sleep plays a very important role in our lives. Without a restful sleep, there is no rest.

Mattresses, due to the fact that they are made of high density raw materials, are not rolled, but delivered in full. Just unpack it from the foil and you can use it.

Standard  Rubin Mattress height 19- 24 cm.

       The mattress has two hardnesses! You can sleep on one side or the other! Recommended for two! The Rubin mattress is a product from the premium line, which means that it was made of the highest quality products and is a higher class cover than mattresses from the standard offer.

Hardness H1/H2 (soft/medium hard)

MATTERESS Collection


     The core of our  mattress offers consists of 3  collectons the MOONLIGHT COLLECTION -SKY COLLECTION -CLOUD COLLECTION  paired with our UNIVERSAL BASE.

     To be part of our MATTRESS COLLECTION  a mattress  must have unique functions and fulfill a customer  requirements.

     Each mattress must have a strong, durable core that is reliable for its use for years to come. The fabric must be well sewn, easy to care for and hard-wearing.

       Study the features and compare each of our Mattresses in our Collection.Of course visit our Landstuhl Mattress Stuio and test the frimness of H1 thu H4

    Do not be fooled by our low prices, the mattresses are all high quality. Our prices are a product of years of shopping experience and investment in the purchase of good merchandise.


    Invest in our Mattress Collection Products  for value and comfort you can rely on.