Bring the peace and beauty of nature into your home with the Rustica Collection.

Each table top is milled with carefully hand chosen pieces of European Oak.

Oak is famous for it’s dense grain making it one of the worlds most famous hardwoods.

The Oak when put into the hands of a great craftsman will create a piece of furniture that will last generations.

The patterns in the Oak wood created by nerves in the dense gain makes each piece of the Rustica Furniture Collection a unique treasure.

In our Rustica collection, the woods are processed exactly as they are grown.

In the Rustica style knotholes are exactly what you want.


You can choose the length of your table yourself. For 20 cm more table length we charge 7% surcharge.

Please talk to our sales personal.


Dining room chair

Dining Table

Met Chair   $ 197

Gallery Chair   $264

Shepheard Chair   $219

Lake Chair   $127

Ann pouf    $193

Nappa Vally   




Calsbbad table  

200 cm x 100 cm x 77 cm



Brooklyn table    

240 cm x 100 cm x 77 cm 



Chicago Table 

240 cm x 100 cm x 77cm 



Del Ray table 

240 cm x 100 cm x 77 cm 



Pablo table



Rancho table



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