Golden Energy Mattress


Size                               Price

King size (198×203)       $1136

Queen Size (152×203) -NO STOCK

Full Size (140×190)         $842

Twin Size (100×190)      $682

EuroSize (90×200)        $682

Euro Size(80 x 200 )      $682

At United Furniture, we appreciate the direct relationship between sleep quality and  the quality of life. So we put tremendous efforts into finding companies researching  each detail of sleep to provide the ultimate sleep experience. Companies working on  innovative solutions to your sleep needs have taught us a thing or two about  sleep. As sleep habits vary our research has grown to include more facets for  better sleep starting with technology. Knowing that you rely on the relaxing  and replenishing aspects of sleep for living your very best life inspires us to contuinue the search for the perect mattress for our customers. Golden Energy Mattress designed  for inspired sleep is our  showcase mattress part of  a brand new series of mattresses so you can sleep better and  wake up happier.

Soft Mattress Preference

If you opt for a softer mattress, Engery Golden Comfort mattress is just  the right choice.

Thanks to the soft on one side, and firm on the other option along with the  Soft Touch Pocket Spring System, Golden mattress easily conforms to the  shape of your body for great comfort. A single mattress meets differing sleep  needs with just the right support. The developed spring system, additionally  supported with Hybrid Foam Technology and the removable comfort layer all  work to give you lasting quality sleep. The Hyper Soft Technology knit fabric  covering the Golden Comfort mattress relies on the easy to dry and moisture  management properties its superior hydrophility feature, which work to ward  off stains and keep the mattress clean

Firm Mattress Preference

Sleep on the firm side of Engery Golden Comfort mattress if you prefer a  firmer sleep surface to get into your preferred comfort zone.

1 Quilting layer

2 Hybrid foam layer

3 Comfort pad layer

4 Edge support  foam

5 Soft  touch pocket  spring technology

6  Foam

Your mattress’ fresh air source!

   The developed hydrophility feature helps  keep your mattress dry regardless of  perspiration. Dry mattress is a cleaner  sleep surface.

Easy to remove and wash

  The comfort pad layer can be used on  either side of the mattress. Extend the  use life and maintain the hygiene of your  mattress with the dry clean only comfort  pad.

Cloud Collection


The core of our cloud mattress collection consists of 7 types of mattresses and our Universal Base.


A mattress, which should be part of the Cloud Collection, must have a unique function and fulfill certain requirements.


We have chosen the different mattresses so that the function will fit the purpose, the quality will be right and a choice from a high to a lower price range can be offered.


Each mattress must have a strong, durable core that is reliable for its use for years to come. The fabric must be well sewn, easy to care for and hard-wearing. Study the features and compare each of our Cloud Collection mattresses. Do not be fooled by our low prices, the mattresses are all high quality. Our prices are a product of years of shopping experience and investment in the purchase of good goods. Invest in a cloud collection product you can count on.


Invest in a Cloud Collection Product for value and comfort you can rely on.