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                 ENERGIZER MATTRESS....

Bioenergy Active  mattress,  developed with Bioritmic Sleep technology,  activates the body communication by emitting vibration energy thanks to the minerals in the fabric feature, thus helping to reduce stress during sleep and to feel refreshed and relaxed.


The Bioenergy Active  mattress, designed using a pooled SL spring  , has been developed for those who want a full orthopedic and hard mattress. Since SL spring is produced by using two times more springs than other spring systems, contact of the mattress to more parts of the body is provided. Since the springs are connected together without interruption, they move at the same time and at the same resistance and do not deform.


The Bioenergy Active mattress, which combines two different comforts with the special filling materials used, is produced on one side with a hard surface and the other surface on a soft surface. Thanks to this feature, the beds can be used in a clean and hygienic way for many years.


Thanks to the pooled SL spring system and double side usage feature;hard/soft side,  our Bioenergy Active  mattress , which combines two different comforts together , provides  visual richness in the soft touch knitted fabric developed by Bioritmic Sleep technology and the padded  fabric used at the edges of the bed.


Size                          Price 

King size (198×203)        $799

Queen Size (152×203)     $626

Mattress Features

Mattress Height 27 Cm.

Firm Side – Soft Side

Washable Pad

1.Jacquard knited pad

2.Filling material

3.Filling material

4.Zipper cover


6.SL Coil springs mesh

7.Edge support sponge


9.Double face application

 Energizer mattress a support Foam Encased Mattress.

   The ENERGIZER mattress has thick foam barriers surrounding all sides to prevent deformation to the edging.

SL Continuous Spring Technology

Developed especially for those who want a full orthopedic or firm mattress. Continuous Spring System uses twice as many more springs than the other spring systems and provides for more contact between the mattress and the body. The springs are connected to each other so they move convurrently and evenly with the pressure dispersed throughout the system, thus hindering spring deformation.