We also provide a professional after sales service using our own delivery service or contracting with professional companies

We work with Stateside loan companies offering easy finance plans in USD designed for active duty military members and DoD Contractors. We also accept Visa & MC in USD so you do not need to worry about exchange rates and hefty banking fees!

We care about our customers!

No matter what Information you yould like to know we are only an Email or a phone call away! Our english speaking staff will help in any way they can and would love to hear from you!


Welcome to our new Tax Free Shop specifically designed for Active Duty U.S. Military members and DoD Contractors stationed in Germany,  Belgium and Holland!


Please note all of our prices listed are in USD and already Tax Free for your shopping convenience! 


We want you to feel at home while you are stationed overseas, which is why we have designed this site to be as convenient as possible to purchase from. We also would like to offer our customers a more personalized service so we please contact us directly by Email or phone, our english speaking staff will gladly assist you through the entire ordering process as well as provide all required documents to apply for our easy payment plans to help with the financing of your purchase!


Why Choose United Furniture?

We have been specializing in offering our products and services to Active Duty Military members and DoD Contractors stationed in Europe since 1967!